How To Relax

Hundreds of thousands of strands of gorgeous locks of hair are being lost from beautiful heads of hair right now.

People are literally balding all over the place (article).

All in the name of stress.

I’m serious.

Other people are gaining wrinkles and gray hairs because of the same thing (article).

Man, stress will fuck you up.

(I know. Not exactly rainbows and butterflies, but I just had to talk about that before we move on because I was researching statistics and this stuff came up and I was like, what?! There’s proof to this? I’d always intuitively known, but until now, I hadn’t read research showing it. So I had to mention it.)

Anyway, learning how to relax is vitally important within life, and not just to avoid accelerated aging, but for a hundred other reasons too.

You can become emotionally well, spiritually awakened and simultaneously increase your joy and happiness, all because you’ve learned how to relax.

Simply put, learning how to relax makes you stronger.

Why? Because practicing relaxation is practicing you.

When you practice relaxation on a consistent basis, you allow your Sacred Self to shine.

Your Sacred Self, is your personal piece of God, living within you.

Self is purity. Self is love. Self is peace. Self is joy.

When you allow yourself to feel and experience these things, you allow God to live through you.

Let’s try a little experiment, ok?

This will literally take thirty seconds (give or take)  so do this with me.

Alright, so take a deep breathe (as deep as you can make it)  and hold it.

Hold it for as long as you can.

Then come back and finish reading.

Now, release your breath.  

Notice how much more relaxed you are. (If you’re not, go ahead and try it again.)

This relaxed feeling? That’s you. That’s Sacred Self.

Sacred Self isn’t bothered with not a thing.

It’s just hanging out being it’s radiant Self.

Always there, always available, supporting you, loving you.

The reason I asked you to try this experiment is so that you understand what your base is as a human being.

It’s peace.

Now, if for some reason, this didn’t work, take notice the next time you’re feeling peaceful. When your thoughts aren’t going a million miles a minute, and your emotions aren’t feeling all over the place.

That peace is you.

It’s your natural state.

Learning how to relax, is how you can practice allowing that part of you, your natural state-- Sacred Self, more into your day and your life.

Because when you can let go of the chaotic feelings, and never-ending thoughts, you can live the life you want to live, and really tune into the sacred power within you.

Which leads to nothing but good things.

Including a healthy, happy, body.

How to Relax

Alright, so girlfriend,  hopefully I’ve convinced you to want to learn how to relax. It’s one of my main goals with my coaching, to help women to let go.

So learning how to relax is all about learning how to do one thing.

This thing is actually what keeps you from relaxing in the first place.

Ready for it?

Your focus.

Your focus is the cause to all of your problems.

All of them.

And, it’s also the solution.

Where you put your focus dictates what you’re creating.

So, if you have thoughts that create stress, and you focus on those thoughts, you’re increasing your stress.

For example, let’s say you have a thought, “I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.”

This thought probably leads to feelings of overwhelm and stress.

Which turns your focus into those feelings, and exacerbates them, making them worse.


If instead, you were to focus on what you wanted, you would automatically relax.

Here’s an example:

The thought, “I want to get everything done today” feels so much better than, “I have too much to do and not enough time to do it.”

Your focus here is so important.

Another example:

Let’s say some anxiety comes up, and you get stuck on it.

Such as with an anxiety attack.

Anxiety attacks are best helped through complete relaxation. Turning your attention away from what’s happening to your body, and focusing on something else is extremely important on healing your anxiety.

Focusing on relaxing, and letting go, is how you heal.

So the process of learning to relax is all about choosing a different focus.

Choosing to focus on letting go of the tension in your body, or choosing to focus on a different more pleasant thought would relax you.

Learning how to relax, is all about learning to shift your attention from what it is that you don’t want to what it is that you do want.

It’s that simple.

So, learning how to relax is all about learning to shift your focus.

Now, shifting your focus isn’t always simple.

Depending on how far you made it down the rabbit hole of your thoughts and your emotions, shifting away from them can be very difficult.

But thankfully, there’s a an exercise that will help you to learn to shift your focus, thus help you relax.


Meditation is all about allowing yourself to Flow.

When you Flow, you allow the experience of what is happening to happen, you accept it--and you let it go.

Meditation is the active practice of this process.

This process is how you relax at the deepest level.

When you sit to meditate, you sit to learn how to Flow.

And this Flow, is relaxation.

So learning how to relax, is all about practicing meditation.

If you can practice meditation every day for as small as just twenty minutes a day, you can learn how to relax whenever you feel stress, tension or anxiety come up.

Are you ready to give meditation a try? Start with this free meditation for relaxation here.

I hope this helps! 

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