16 Signs of A Spiritual Awakening: Things You Love & Things You Hate

It was Halloween's eve when I experienced my spiritual awakening. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was recently home from a year travelling abroad in India and was staying in my aunt's spare room.  

I was meditating like I often did in the evening. One minute I was breathing calmly--the next minute massive amounts of energy were spiraling through my chakras. 

At the time I had no clue, but I was actually going through a Kundalini Awakening. The energy flowed as a snake would from the bottom of the spine on up and through my crown. It was beautiful and life changing.

My awakening was a pretty big surprise to me, but if I was paying attention I could've seen the signs to of the spiritual awakening that was ready to come. 

Signs of A Spiritual Awakening You'll Love 

1. Going through a spiritual awakening can be a lot of fun. Life turns into an adventure, filled with a connection to your spirituality and a love for life. 

2. You begin to see life from the eyes of Source/God--and life begins to fill with an immeasurable amount of color. 

3. Things begin to shift as you experience immense feelings of joy and love out of the blue, anchoring you into yourself and everyone around you.

4. Life stops being so serious as you joke and laugh as you did when you were a kid. 

5. Life gets easier. 

6. You find solace in yourself--no longer needing the comfort of an entourage. Things begin to feel really good as a loner. Now, you don't need to be alone--but if feels just as good to be alone as it used to being surrounded by family and friends. 

7. Your meditation practice gets deeper as you find yourself seeing visions/hearing your guides more than you used to. 

8. At night, you dream in color and beauty. You start to experience spiritual moments like whales and rainbows--in 3D. They feel so real you wake up smiling. 

9. Your intuition is on point and not just that, but you're actually listening to it, and following through on what it guides you to do. 

10. You start eating differently---more in tune with what your body needs  as it prepares it for the new energy flowing within you. You begin to increase your ability to integrate this new energy of your sacred Self and stabilize into who you are.

11. Your inner world begins to merge with your physical as you become one with your creator. Allowing yourself to level-up to a superhuman experience. 

Signs of A Spiritual Awakening You'll Hate

12. Your emotions take on a brand new type of realness to you as the contrast between the flow of spirit and the pain of disconnection bump heads with one another. The good thing is, you also know to allow the emotion to be there and go quickly--as opposed to before, where you'd sit in the low feelings. 

13. You'll lose patience for gossip, negative talk (although you don't judge it--you just don't have time for it) and any other lower energy discussion. You won't have much to say around those that try to involve you. (Now, this may not be something you hate--but people you used to hang with might.) 

14. You don't have much to talk about. Spirit speaks through stillness, and that stillness begins to take a real presence in your life. You'll find yourself sitting quietly much of the time with other people. 

15. Your friends and family start to see you as acting weird or different. The great thing tho is you really don't give a shit (Presence don't curr. Presence sees the beauty in even the dissension.) But, they do. And there's a lot of talk about it around you. 

16. It can be difficult to merge your past with your presence. It requires a balance to shift into your new state of being, and you begin to have to let go of a lot that used to make you happy. The plus is it doesn't bother you. It's just a challenge to battle your past as you shift into living within the presence. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about your shift. One of the things that I learned throughout the awakening process was the importance of maintaining my meditation practice and mindfulness. Both helped me to stay present as these changes took over my life, helping me to stay peaceful and happy. If you would like to develop more mindfulness within your life, check out 'Meditation Mastery Secrets.' This program really focuses in on integrating the new you into your life, and anchoring yourself within the present. Which means a lot as you go through the crazy feelings often accompanying this shift. 

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