Stages of Meditation


Knowing the stages of meditation as a beginner can give you something to look forward to, and put your mind at ease when wondering if you’re doing things right or not. 

If you’re just beginning meditation you don’t really understand what the feeling is that people actually experience when they’re deeper in their practice. 

You see these pictures of people looking so serene, and all you can think is, “When will I feel like that?” 

Or, “Why don’t I have that feeling when I meditate?” 

Some other thoughts that probably go through your mind as you meditate are, “Is this meditation? Am I doing this right?” Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?” 

You’ve probably had moments where you want to give up, because the mystery of not knowing keeps you feeling like you’re doing something wrong. 

There’s this elusive feeling of failure, because you just don’t know. 

The truth is, there are actually stages of meditation. Three to be exact.  And most likely, since you’re asking those questions, you’re predominantly in the first one. 

Which by the way, is Ah-May-Zing! You can’t get to the third stage without being in the first! 

So, git it girl. Get you some first stage meditation. Okay?

Now that that’s been said, let’s move on the actual stages, so you can get clear on where you’re at in your practice and where you’re headed. 

The Three Stages of Meditation 

1. The 'Distracted' Stage.

This is the first stage of meditation where you’ve just sat down to meditate, or you've been sitting and you’re thinking about your to-do list, and everything you haven’t accomplished in your day. 

Or how your hair looked while you conducted that presentation. 

Or how you want your hair to look when you leave the house. 

You may be distracted by the dirt on the floor you missed, or the sound of a fly floating in your area.

Whatever it is, you get my point. You’re distracted. You’re not really focused. 

You go to your focus point for a few seconds, then you mind wanders into the land of the beyond where thoughts don’t end. 

This is the hardest part to sit through, as in the beginning it feels like it’s impossible to let go of those thoughts and focus on your method of meditation. 

But, don’t fret. Or spaz. Or even worse *cue ominous dun-dun-dun sound!* quit meditating all together

That would be a tragedy. In the worst way. 

You are on the path to being one of the most strongest, powerful, and empowered women on this earth. Seriously. Don’t give up now. This is part of building your practice. 

In time, (sometimes not for many sessions, sometimes within the same session) you eventually move on to the second stage. This is where it starts getting really good.                                                           

2.  The "Centered" Stage
This next stage is a mixture of focus and thoughts. 

You begin to gain footing as you’ve practiced refocusing your mind and placing your attention on your method of meditation.
What seemed like basically sitting down to have a thinking sesh, has turned into thinking, and focus

Thinking and focus.
You’re ability to let go of those thoughts and emotions become more and more consistent.
You experience thought, but on a less frequent basis as your focal point gets more of your attention.
Every moment you stay focused on your method, you allow more space for the Sacred Self to emerge

Little by little, you open yourself up to you.
This is a beautiful stage because you begin to gain awareness. This awareness is empowerment.
These chunks of time where you’re letting go of thoughts and emotions, show you that you don’t have to think. You don’t have to prolong your emotion.    
That’s truly powerful.
Then… In time… You get to the third stage of meditation. (Picture me as my eyes get wide and mystical-like as my excitement arises.)


3. The third and final stage of meditation is 'Stillness'.                   
Finally, all of that time meditating has brought you to complete immersion in who you are.

Your sacred Self.
How exciting is that?
This stage is meditation.
Ignoring your thoughts and feelings have allowed you to recognize who it is that you really are.
At this point, stillness comes up and envelopes you within it.
It’s a truly beautiful, peaceful feeling that shows you who you are and the empowerment within you. It allows you to discover that you are a piece of the expansive presence many know as God. And this recognition changes your life.
As you continue to meditate, you begin to allow more and more of your Self into your life, and this allowance creates change.
Real change. In the form of miracles, and happiness. Joy.
Once you get to this stage, there is nothing you can’t accomplish in life. Nothing.
Literally, you can say you did that shit. You meditated. And as long as you continue to meditate each day that empowerment will grow and you will truly understand what living as your whole self, Sacred Self, is like.

Your life will turn around.

Emotional turbulence? Gone. Consistent worry? Gone. Spiritual empowerment--Hello!

Your practice is worth it. And you’re worth it too. You deserve to experience all that you are. The completeness. The knowing. 

So these are the stages of meditation. 

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Getting to the third stage of meditation is contingent on getting through the first. You’re going to have an amazing shot at getting through it, if you have the right teaching on setting yourself off for success. This is where you should start!

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