The 7 Chakras

What are the chakras? The 7 chakras are your spiritual energy centers. They are your hub and your direct connection to your divinity.

What are the chakras    

Your body is your temple and your chakras are the pillars keeping it standing strong. The stronger they are, the stronger you are. 

You can also look at them as energy conduits. They keep your temple lit. 

The more energy they have, the brighter they are--and the brighter you are.

I realized I had chakras the day I experienced Kundalini Awakening. 

I was sitting and meditating and all of a sudden what is called the female serpent of energy started at the bottom of my spine pulling way up over the top of my head. It felt as if I were being plugged into a socket, except it was an socket connected to orgasmic energy. (Orgasmic awakenings are actually a thing.)

It was amazing.

One of the most spiritual (and pleasurable) experiences of my life.

Crazy, right?

After that I recognized the 7 chakras within me, and the energy in them.

These seven wheels are piled one on top of each other within your body along your spine.

Chakras connect the spirit to the body.

They are energized with prana.

You can look at the prana (your actual life force, or light, or God flowing through you) as that subtlest current of energy. It’s invisible, but can be felt, and oftentimes shared through people in energetic healing.

This prana flows through you and your chakras, from your breath, and above you via light.

Prana is pretty much everything you can’t see.

It’s the in between. The spiritual in between.

Everything begins its creation out of prana.

Prana is the building block of the world and everything in it (article).

The 7 Chakras

Chakras are ancient and were talked about in the Vedas which are ancient text dating back to 1500 B.C. (article).

Each of your seven chakras have a meaning, or purpose within you. Their purpose is to keep you alive, happy and healthy.

You can think about your chakras as an invisible connection to the divine.

It’s the ethereal aspect of you.

There’s no separation between you and source, and these chakras help to create your physical body system which is why they each have their own agendas.

Each chakra has its own set of criteria that they take care of.

I like to look at it as the body’s own filing system.

If there’s an issue in one area of your life, you can work on clearing it by focusing on clearing that chakra.

Root Chakra

What Are Chakras?If you put your hand on your  lower back, at the base of your spine, you’ll feel the area where your root chakra is located.

The root chakra is just that, your root. It is connected to everything that grounds you.

Grounding meaning, keeping you feeling stable, or safe.

Your root chakra is associated with the color red and is where the Kundalini serpent began her journey during my awakening. It is where the energy begins in your body, and where an Kundalini Awakening would begin for you.

Female empowerment starts here, in the the root chakra.

If you feel safe you will move forward in life towards what you want.

Feeling safe creates the path to having the cojones to standing up for what you believe in.

If you feel safe, you feel empowered.

So having a flowingly open root chakra is super important when maximizing your level of slay in life.

Sacral Chakra

What are chakras
The second chakra is housed over your belly button area. If you put your hand over your belly button, you’ll feel some warmth there. That’s your sacral chakra.

Your sacral chakra is orange, and is your creativity center.

It houses your sexual energy and your ability to create things in life, including your passions such as art, cooking or anything else you make in the world.

Makeup on fleek? You have your sacral chakra to thank for that.

Recipe creation game strong? Yep. That’s the sacral too.

To really slay as a female, having a good healthy sex life is important here (either with others or yourself), and being open and flowing with whatever you are creating in your life is important as well.

Allowing yourself to say YES is important to keep this chakra open.

Yes to pleasure, yes to creativity.

Yes to what pulls you.

Solar Plexus

What are the chakras
So your solar plexus chakra is in between your heart and your belly button. If you open your mouth and say “Ahhhhh..” placing your attention there, you can feel a vibration. That’s your chakra.

It is where your sun shines. It is your power chakra.

This chakra gives you your female ROAR.

When this chakra is open, you’re saying yes to doing those things that make you feel stronger.

You feel empowered. You feel strong.

You feel like you have a purpose in this world, and are motivated towards it.

This chakra is important in achieving your wishes and dreams because it centers around belief in yourself and what you can accomplish in the world.

Heart Chakra

What are the chakras
Your fourth chakra  is your heart chakra. This chakra is LIT. Well, as long as you’re giving love freely it is.

It is the energy center of love and connects to compassion and empathy.

This chakra is green and it allows you to connect to people around you and yourself.

Your heart is your center.

It balances you from feeling too rooted away from others, and too disconnected spiritually as well.

It’s the middle man. It allows you to have a loving flowing heart.

I call it the house of the Christ Consciousness because Christ was so loving. He did everything with love, and to connect here, is to really connect to Christ.

Really being able to feel and give love is your path to anything good in this world. It is the path to spiritual awakening and it is the path to female empowerment.

The more that you can love the world, and yourself, the more you will accept and Flow.

To be able to Flow is extremely important to your energy. Energy doesn’t do well collecting in one spot. This is when you’ll find pain begins in your body.

All of the disorders and ailments of the world are thanks to a lack of Flow (article).

So, if you can love freely and openly (including loving yourself) you can guarantee some really good things in your life.

Throat Chakra

What are the chakras
Your fifth chakra is your communication center and it is centered within your throat. It spins blue. Light blue like the sky.

This chakra is where you will find your ability to speak up for yourself, and to communicate your needs and your wants.

This chakra is amazing for advancement purposes.

It not only helps you to communicate your needs and wants, but it helps you to communicate your pains which allow you to heal.

The throat chakra houses your song.

To sing loudly is how you step into your light here.

Choosing to communicate whenever you’re given the opportunity will help this chakra flow freely and improve the Flow in your life.

Third Eye Chakra

What are the chakras
Your sixth chakra is your third eye chakra.

This chakra is so much fun.

I am all about mysticism and all things spiritual related. If anything was connected to the mystic of the world, it is this one.

This chakra allows you to best tune into the unseeable.

The color here is violet, and your intuition and sixth sense are housed here in the little spot right in between your eyes.

Joking, it’s not that small.

But, It is held there in that area. You can pretty much feel it if you close your eyes and focus there. It’s a pressure or lightness.

The ability to see angels and spirits and guides are all because of this chakra.

During my awakening, I began to see and sense angels, guides, and the spirit world.

It opened me up to view the world from the spiritual realm.

All because of this chakra being open and clear.

Keeping this or any of your chakras clear allows clarity and clearness in your life.

Crown Chakra

What are the chakras
The seventh chakra is the GOD chakra. I call it that because it connects you to the light of the world.

Each one of us are a beacon of light, and this light is sent to us through our crown chakra.

This chakra runs a light beautiful purple.

It is the first chakra located above the top of your head and this chakra allows in the light.

The more light you let in, the more you will Flow.

The more you Flow, the stronger you will be.

The crown chakra is the connection to you in your purist form.

Empowerment Through Chakras

The 7 chakras are 100% real, and they are your conduit to a balanced and full life.

You don’t even need to do much outside of being yourself, loving yourself, and saying yes to that which you are, in order to keep yourself balanced.

That's the beautiful part of being alive. You are constantly healing and becoming better if you allow it.

Empowerment starts within.

To truly empower yourself, be open to the greater part of you. Either through meditation or through simply saying yes, to learning about your true nature.

This is how you empower yourself, and whether you work on chakra clearing, or directly helping issues themselves, freedom of Flow is the answer to restoration.

If you’re interested, I’ve teamed up with another spiritual life coach, Stephanie Mulac, who's created an amazing system to allow more flow into your chakras.

It’s called the Chakra Activation System.

This system was created to help you say yes to life. To feel the fullness of who you are, and to move forward constantly in recognition of that. 

If you’re interested you can find that here.

“I’m a writer and my writer’s block has vanished. Not only that but my creativity has been unleashed. I had been working on my book for over 14 months now. But after Stephanie's program, I finally completed my book within the next 3 weeks. Balancing your Chakras really gets you into the flow. You get more done. Things just flow smoothly throughout your life. You can to try it to experience it. ”
- Mary
“It’s pure bliss what having your chakras aligned using Stephanie’s method will do for you. It’s like you become this law of attraction magnet. Words cannot explain the joy I've experienced so far. Thanks so much for this." 
- Jennifer , Knoxville, TN

I hope you've learned a lot about the 7 chakras. Let me know which chakras need balancing in your life in the comments below. And if you found value, share this with your girls. Let them learn how to become more empowered too.

What are the chakras

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