What Is Anxiety?


I spent some time researching the net for the exact definition of anxiety, and to be honest with you, I wasn’t really satisfied in what I found.
There’s an elusive kind of definition that’s predominate within articles--feelings of uneasiness. And while the feeling of uneasiness is accurate, the cause of anxiety isn’t accurately addressed.
When you ask me, “What is anxiety?” I can give you a complete definition--down to the root cause.   
Because there is a root cause.

But no one talks about it, or addresses it when they answer the question, “What is anxiety?”
WebMD admits that researchers don’t really know the root cause (link).
All anyone really knows, is that they are feelings of fear.
But if you don’t know the root cause of anxiety, how are you supposed to heal?
It’s impossible.
So let’s talk about it.
Let’s get into the real cause of anxiety, so that you can heal.

What is Anxiety?

As someone who grew up with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Bulimia and Binge-Eating disorder, I know anxiety very well.
Anxiety and I go way back.
I didn’t really understand it until I got into my Master’s program in therapy and began really taking a look at it, and dissecting it so that I could finally heal myself.
What I found was, anxiety is a combination of two things.
1. Energy and
2.Screwed up processing of that energy.
To put it simply, anxiety is a war you have with yourself.
It’s you, pushing against feelings that are coming up.  
Sigmund Freud, a famous psychoanalyst, describes this occurrence as repression.
Freud found that there was an actual defense mechanism that would come up in order to cope with emotions and experiences and that pushing them away was at the root cause of issues his patients were having (article).
Repressing your feelings, or pushing them away, is anxiety.

Action: Take a look at your anxiety when it comes up. Really look at it. Notice how you react to those feelings that come up, or those thoughts. Even, keep a journal to notate how you react. You'll find that repression is the cause. Pushing against your life, your emotions, your thoughts--is anxiety.


So, since anxiety is all about not processing your emotions, the way to heal them is to process them.
Processing is nothing more than honoring your feelings. It’s allowing your emotions to be what they are as they are, rather than repress them.
Remember, repress is to push them away. To stifle them.
You want to allow them, just as they are--albeit painful at times.
Now, processing isn’t as easy as I make it sound, especially if you’ve been repressing your emotions for so long.
The habit of fighting yourself goes deep.
But the best thing is, it can be unlearned. And all it takes is 20 minutes a day.
Learning to allow your emotions/feelings/thoughts to be what they are, is best learned through meditation.
According to a study by John Hopkins University School of Medicine, "meditation appeared to provide as much relief from some anxiety and depression symptoms as … antidepressants" (study).
As someone who's experienced panic attacks and anxiety attacks in general, I can attest to the calming nature meditation can bring about.  
Meditation is how I learned to heal my own anxiety.


So what is meditation anyway? 

Meditation is the practice of processing.


You sit for ideally, 20 minutes a day, and you relax.

Relaxing allows you to loosen the hold you have to negative thinking, and your emotions.
Relaxing is turning your focus from that feeling or thought to something else. To you.
When you relax, you allow yourself to let go of the hold you have which in time and practice, heals you.
Meditation heals you.
Learning to relax when those hard feelings came up every time they came up, allowing them to be processed is how you learn to change the habit of pushing against your life.
The more you relax through those feelings, the less anxiety you will experience.
Until at one point (like me) you get to a place of no more anxiety.
If you’re interested in learning how to meditate, check out one of my favorite programs I recommend "Meditation Mastery." Its perfect for beginners who want to excel in their practice and learn how to heal!

I hope this helps!

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