What Is Energy Healing?

I was guided to healing myself and others using energy shortly after my experience with Kundalini Awakening. Having all of my chakras opened showed me just how beneficial energy healing is to the connection we feel to our spiritual selves. Learn more about energy healing below.

what is Energy healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the most direct type of healing. It’s healing at your core. 

Your core meaning, your spirit or energetic self. 
You are comprised of four elements or energetic bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

Your physical self is concrete. It’s your human body. You can touch it and feel it. 

Your mental self is your mind and your thoughts. It’s the way you think and your mindset. 

Your emotional self is comprised of your emotions. 

Your spiritual self is your light or your direct connection to all that is. 

what is energy healing

Energy healing, heals all four, by using one- your spiritual self. Your core.

Let me explain.

Your core, or spiritual self, is at the base of who you are. 

Your spiritual self is the center of your bodies. It is that which emanates your emotional body, your physical body, and your mental body. 

Everything is interconnected, and it all starts with spirit. 

Your spiritual self is pure and constant. 

Normally, your spiritual self flows quickly like a river, through all three of your bodies (mental, emotional and physical). 

This is when your body feels its best. And your mind and emotions are clear and you are aware. 

You’ll find that you’re the happiest here when spirit is flowing.

Alternatively, when you’re not flowing, your physical self experiences pain, your mental a lack of clarity,  and your emotional, disorder.

You can also feel disconnected from the universe and everyone around you.
Not flowing properly, in the way you’re supposed to, with ease and movement, is the reason for all of life’s pain.

What stops you from flowing?

Energy blocks.

What are energy blocks

Energy Blocks

Energy Blocks are basically anything that stops you from moving forward in any area of your life. 

They are just as they sound, blockages. They block your energetic self from movement.

Using the example above, you can picture blocks as boulders or even smaller rocks in the river that is you. They stop you from flowing easily and effortlessly.
Energy blocks disrupt your flow.

They are what causes ailments, and dysfunction in your body, mind and your emotions.
Going further into our river example, energy blocks begin as a small pebble. Within time they grow into huge boulders if you don’t address them right away.

An Example of Energy Blocks

Let’s say you’re angry at your mom for not agreeing with you on what profession you went in. She expressed concern because she felt it wasn’t going to be something that would make you happy. You didn’t like that, and so you began to feel some resentment there. Rather than talk about it, and let her know, you held it in. 

This is the beginning of that energy block. It is the pebble.

In time, that issue starts to get bigger. Every time you see your mom, you feel that anger, and resentment. It begins to disrupt your relationship. It goes from being a pebble to a stone.

At the same time, you hold other things in too. You haven’t quite learned how to share your feelings, so when a situation comes up in life where you feel wronged, you hold that in as well.

In time, things start going wrong in your body. You begin to see sores appear. Your unexpressed anger that’s been held in your emotional body, finds its way to your physical body.

What started off as a pebble has turned into a huge boulder.

Does that make sense?

Living a healthy happy life, is contingent on the amount of flow you allow.

Your spiritual Self doesn’t hold things back, or in. It flows where it needs to and moves always as if in a dance.

Spirit understands its safety and never feels a disruption in any way.

The moment you stop flowing in life, as in the example with ‘your mom’ above, havoc ensues.

Other Examples

If you have a pain in your knee, there’s something blocking the flow. There’s a buildup of issues. 

Your spirit body isn’t able to flow smoothly there. 

There’s a blockage, which stops your spiritual self from moving easily through your knee and to the rest of your body.

Or as in the case of anxiety, you have some emotional blocks going on. 

Rather than flowing easily and effortlessly, spirit gets stopped up via your emotions.

Finally, as in the case of your thought processes, when you have a block, your state of mind is skewed. 

Rather than flow like spirit always knowing that you can accomplish anything, you feel as if you can’t.

These are just a few examples, but there are hundreds. Energy healing heals them all.

As we discussed, energy blocks are created when life produces a circumstance that you aren’t able to process in the right way. Energy healing is the most direct way to heal those issues.

Unlike medicine that provides a temporary relief, energy healing provides actual healing of your issues.

This healing starts at your core peeling back the layers of energetic blocks that are within you.

Producing actual flow, and not the mirage of flow that medicines create.

So how is it done?

How to Heal Your Energy

The process of how you heal your energy is simple.


Relax and allow more of your spiritual energy in.

That’s it.

what is energy healing

Seems too simple, doesn’t it?

But it is.

The key to how to heal your energy is all about obliterating blocks with what you are-- spiritual energy.

The more you relax, the less strain you’re putting on your body and the more flow you allow in.

Now, oftentimes it’s not as simple as taking a nap (although those can help!).

You’ve had years of energetic block building, and the removal of those energy blocks are going to take concrete focus.

You’re going to have to consciously work on it.

But the good thing is, you won’t have to sleep for the next fifty years to unravel them.

Healing Modalities

Thankfully, there are many healing modalities that help you to heal your energetic blocks quickly and efficiently.

I’ve listed many of them below. 

  • Focused Breathing
  • Meditation 
  • Visualization 
  • Reiki
  • EFT 
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Crystal Healing 
  • Healing Touch
  • Shamanism 
  • Reflexology 
  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Aromatherapy
  • Theta Healing
  • Music Healing

The list goes on and on. 

Finding a modality is all about trying different things and figuring out what would work best for you, according to your beliefs, and your lifestyle. (As well as the type of energetic block you’re trying to remove.)

You can even mix and match, producing a well-rounded toolbox that you can turn to when you discover a block within you.

Here’s a handy infographic showing some of the best ways to heal certain blockages.

I hope this helps!

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