What Is The Spiritual Self?

The first time I knew I had a spirit self was after doing a guided meditation for a few months. Day after day I would sit and meditate. Focusing on relaxing my body and my mind. And I knew-100% that with practice I would eventually sense it and feel it as much as I did my physical body. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The first time feeling my spiritual self felt like a gush of wind. 

It was strong and it felt like I was surrounded in peace.

What Is The Spiritual Self? 

The spiritual self is one of four parts of you which connect to form the totality of you. 

It is ethereal and is intangible. It can only be sensed and felt. Not seen with the human eye. 

Your spiritual self, is just as it sounds, your spirit. 

Its the part of you that lives on after your physical body dies.

The reason that its called the spiritual self is because it is who you are. It is your Self. 

Let me explain. 

The Four Parts Of You

There are four parts of you: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Each one of these parts have their role to play within optimizing your experience here on earth. 

1. Your physical is your body. It allows you to experience things from a physical standpoint. You can touch things and feel them. Taste them, and hear them. 

2. Your mental body is the part of you that thinks, and deduces. It holds all that creates based on the mind and thought. 

3. Your emotional body is your emotional home. It is the feeling part of you that allows energy to be communicated. So when you have an experience of sadness or anger, it comes through as emotion.

4. Finally, your spiritual body is the part of you that is connected directly to the divine. It is a small slice of the bigger pie that is known as source, or God. 

What is the role of the Spiritual Self?

The spiritual self is your divinity. It is everything that you would imagine source to be: pure, loving, peaceful--all knowing. 

It is the part of you that is continuous and indestructible. 

It lives on forever, because it is the divine. 

The purpose of your spiritual self, is to create life within you. 

It is to merge the divine with the physical. 

Your divinity is you. 

How do we know it's real?

We know the spirit is real not because we can see it, but because we feel it. 

We feel it when we are connected to love, or nature. 

We feel it when we get those goosebumps that arise when we hear something truthful.

We hear it (sometimes softly) when we need guidance to achieving something in our lives, or support.

Your spirit is your constant support system, always there ready to guide you towards what it is that you want. 

Your spirit, your body, your emotions and your mind--collectively form this beautiful human being known as you. 

Your spiritual self is the aspect of you that never changes. It is always loving, always peaceful--and will always guide you towards what it is that you desire in this world. 

It loves to be in this world, and uses your physical self, your emotional self and your mental self to communicate what it wants and what it needs.

What is the best way to discover the spiritual self? 

Your spiritual self is always there ready to be discovered. 

We don't often discover that aspect of ourselves though because we are more often in the other aspects of who we are: our physical, emotional and mental. 

In order to discover your spiritual self, you have to begin to pay attention to it more often. 

To do this, ask yourself-- 'What is the Spiritual Self' and then pay attention to the answers that come. 

Pay attention as you get the glimpses that spirit self sends you. 

It may come in the form of a loving feeling, or an inspiration that comes in as soft whisper. 

It may be a loud vision you receive or simply the feeling of joy that appears out of nowhere. 

Be open to seeing the evidence from where ever it chooses to come.

Now, theres a much quicker and profound way to sense spirit. And that is through the practice of meditation. 


Meditation is the act of focusing completely on the spiritual self. 

It is pulling away from the physical, the emotional and the mental--and instead focusing on your Self--spirit.

Spirit takes on an actual substance here. 

The act of consciously focusing on releasing your hold to everything else opens up the doors to discovering this spiritual of you. 

You'll actually be able to feel it and connect to it. 

There are many benefits to discovering and practicing sitting in your spiritual self, as one does in meditation.

Benefits of Meditation

1. You Heal. 

You become more of what you are. What does that mean? You stop paying attention so much to your emotions and your thoughts. You become in line with the peaceful part of you. 

This helps you to overcome any type of mental or emotional ailments or disorders. Including anxiety and depression. 

2. You become more intuitive.

You hear the guidance that's always available to you, so you follow it, producing a more balanced, joyful, exciting life. 

One where you manifest everything you could ever want because you're listening to your Self. As I said earlier, your sacred/spiritual self always supports you in getting what you want. It is your genie, your personal magician-compass. 

Meditation helps you to listen.

3. You begin to live more fully. 

You stay present through your life, rather than racing through it. 

Meditation anchors you in to spirit, and spirit loves to take everything slow and easy. It loves to cherish life, while its living it, because to spirit, everything is sacred. 

Theres no fear, no pain, no disruption. 

To spiritual self, everything just is. And it is beautiful. 

Discovering my spiritual Self through meditation was my path to healing my generalized anxiety, bulimia and experiencing Kundalini Awakening (enlightenment). If you're interested in discovering your spiritual self, check out Meditation Mastery Secrets-- a meditation program designed for beginners that includes everything you need to build a sustaining meditation practice. 

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