Why Do People Meditate?

Why do people meditate? 

I can understand why you're wondering why people meditate. To put it simply--it's all  the hype right now. Lizzo took to Instagram with a meditation during the global crisis recently and Big Sean constantly talks about his experience on his albums. Meditation is  
In my own personal experience as an mental health coach, I've learned people meditate because someone's told them to for emotI think has to do with the fact that other people tell them they will find peace. 

I know for me it was about 

"Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It's like the ultimate rest. It's better than the best sleep you've ever had. It's a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh." -Hugh Jackman

Meditation has many benefits. Way too many to count.

It’s honestly the absolute best thing anyone can do for themselves, in order to become self-empowered, and to become a better person in general.

Spreading the benefits and teaching people how to meditate is one of my greatest passions. I learned how powerful meditation is after overcoming anxiety and bulimia using meditation. There is simply no better path to happiness and joy, than meditation.

Meditation can be traced back to around 1500 B.C. That’s crazy when you think about it. It’s like damn! Meditation is an ancient practice.

It also tells you how important it is in the bigger scheme of things.

It’s been said that meditation “may have contributed to the latest phases of human biological evolution.” Stating that it may have helped people to stay focused. (study)

Nuts right?

The fact that there is an actual practice that may have contributed to our ability to  focus right now.

History proves that meditation is important.

But why do people meditate right now? That’s the big question. Let’s take a look.

Why Do People Meditate?

1. To Get Their Mind Right (AKA Peace of Mind) 


Meditation is a path to complete surrender. It is a practice of letting things go. 

The ability to get out of your brain, and away from thinking is a powerful tool in life. 

I mean, who wants to sit and think about one thing all damn day? 

Now, it wouldn’t be so bad if our train of thoughts were on great positive things in our lives, but our tendency as a human being is to move towards the negative (study). 

We have a way of clinging to regrets, bad decisions, embarrassing moments, and simply not being the representation of who we want to be in the moment. 

This tendency creates hella bad days (and nights) in our lives.

For example, with worrying. 

Worrying is nothing more than thinking about the worst possible outcome, of something that hasn’t even happened yet. And in probability won’t. 

But I know you’ve had those days. Where one little worry has taken chunks of your time. 

This is simply not indicative of being a self-empowered woman. 

I’m not hating on the worrier’s of the world. We ALL have those moments. I’m just saying, there are some better things we can be spending our time doing, as females in general. 

Things such as mapping out how you’re going to communicate that you want a raise, or how you’re going to introduce a new sexual practice into your life to your partner. 

There’s better shit to think about than worry. That’s all I’m saying. 

And worrying is just one of those things that take you away from your peaceful place. 

There’s a ton more, like regret, loss, negative self-perception, the “I Can’t” thinking cycle. 

There’s a mountain of them. 

Meditation is how you overcome it. 

Having the ability to surrender the second those things come up and refocus into a neutral state of mind, or reframe in a positive way, is life changing. 

And it’s one of the biggest reasons people meditate. To learn to do it. 


2. Emotional Wellness 

Emotional wellness is the second greatest reason. 

Learning how to get over your emotions instead of clinging to them, is an learned art form. 

People with mental disorders are not  processing emotions in the right way (article). 

Emotional processing is all about accepting the emotion, experiencing it, and letting it go.

Processing means to  flow. 

Those that don’t process them correctly, keep the negative emotions around, instead of allowing them their moment, and letting them go. 

For example with anxiety--anxiety is nothing more than energy that’s trying to move through you. 

It can literally last seconds. 

But allowing it to be so quick, is not something people are used to. 

Instead, the normal tendency is to roll with it, and cling. Sticking to every thought, feeling and emotion that comes up, exacerbating it. 

After time, it morphs into some type of anxiety disorder (link). 

This is---No Bueno. 

So if you’re one of the many of millions in the U.S. that need to process better, meditation is for you.

Meditation teaches you how to flow. 

When you sit to meditate, your job is allow everything to be as it is. 

As you practice, you’ll learn how to experience those emotions, accept them and let them go. 

Especially if you want to get to stage three of meditation. 

3. Spiritual Awakening

There are a flock of you that want to spiritually awaken, and if you’re one of them---YAAASSS (insert ‘Yaaasss’ Bitmoji here). Git it. Git it. Git it.

Personally, I don’t think there are enough of you out there. If everyone sought this, the world would be freaking, butterflies and rainbows. 

Fear would go to hell. Mental disorders. Negative thinking patterns. Heartbreak. All of it.

Anything that causes a person to feel bad would shrink down to a level of crazy new lows.

People would turn focus from these outside painful experiences, towards the Sacred Self. 

Spiritual Awakening is the ultimate act of self-empowerment. 

If self-empowerment turns you on, and you’re  not on this path, then you need to hop on. Right now. 

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is the enlightenment of your core being. It is coming to know who you are on a deep and conscious, loving level. 

“To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker, the stillness underneath the mental noise, the love and joy underneath the pain, is freedom, salvation, enlightenment.” Eckhart Tolle

It is so good for you! In all levels of your life. 

But,  it takes work to get there. 

Not a soul gets this awakening without it. 

And meditation is that work. 

You enlighten through the consistent practice of processing your emotions and allowing the deepest part of you to surface. Your Sacred Self. 

So that’s it! Three major reasons people meditate. 

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