5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Meditation Practice

You're meditating (YAY!!). You already know it's the solution to a lot of things you're facing in life. But you're at this point where you feel you can do a little better. I've got you!! Read on for five simple tricks to becoming a better meditator.

5 Simple Tricks To Boost Your Meditation Practice

1. Know Your Why: Why do you meditate? What's the reasoning for you? If you don't have a clear reason, stop and think about what the benefits are to you. Or what you hope to accomplish by sitting every day. Knowing your why will keep you focused on the end result.

I suggest writing out your why in a meditation journal. Something that you keep daily (let it be the first page so that you can refer to it every day). Write out your reasoning and what you hope to achieve within the next six months. It may be more spiritual connection, or simply more peace. Read this every morning so that you're able to stay focused and want to meditate every day. Trust me--this tip alone will change  the amount of oomph you have to practice. 

2. Practice daily! Practicing every day boosts the time it will take to become a master meditator by allowing you to practice more. The more you practice. the better you become at letting go of thoughts and feelings. 

Listen, I get it. You haven't really settled into meditation to the point of understanding how it benefits you so having the motivation to meditate every day is tough. But the more you practice, the closer you get to your why. 

Being successful requires practice. When I started I was practicing twice a day, but I was on a mission! I knew my why and I was hungry to have it. Get right with your why, then commit to daily practice

Fifteen to twenty minutes is all you need. You can find that! If me--a mother of four--with a full time coaching practice, and running a business-- can do it, so can you! Find the time, and commit! 

3. Use a Guided Meditation: Guided meditations are like having a meditation teacher in the room with you. You're able to listen to someones voice as they guide you and remind you to focus. It makes meditation easier, and makes you more likely to practice! 

Guided meditations are amazing for newbies especially since it can be hard to let go and focus. But using a guided meditation helps to decrease the struggle. Not sure which guided meditation to use? Take a look at one of TranscendentU's partners Joe Stephenson's  program Meditation Mastery. This is the absolute perfect meditation program! (Believe me, I've tested and have gone through several!) Check it out here. 

4. Stay away from caffeine or food for at least 2 hours before your practice. The whole point of meditation is to relax. Caffeine keeps you highly energetic, as does having a meal! You want to allow you body to relax as much as possible. Meditating on an empty stomach--or caffeine free, is going to nurture that! The more you'll be able to relax, the deeper your practice. Nurturing a relaxed state is key to having a great practice!

5. Finally, meditate after body movement or yoga.  Body movement gets all the extra energy out of you. It helps to keep you feeling relaxed and at ease. If you start off your meditation session already relaxed, imagine how focused you'll be through it?! Try your best to schedule your practice after your workout for maximum relaxation! 

Give these tips a try to go from okay meditator to master! 

I hope these help! 

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