Meditation 101 Tips: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Meditation

Meditation Tips 101

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Meditation 101 Tips 

You probably already know this--but I’m going to remind you anyway (helicopter mom mode: ON).

Your superpower is your ability to relax.

The more you can relax, the less shit will bother you.

The less shit bothers you, the more you connect to Spirit.

The more you connect to Spirit, the more powerful you become. (Hello Spiritual Awakening!)

It’s a glorious cycle.

And just like I needed to remind you that relaxation is your ticket to mastering life, I need to remind you that meditation is the way. (Can you hear the whoosh of the helicopter blades in action?)

Meditation is like having the best sex of your life in the middle of a stress-filled workday.

You go in feeling depleted and empty--and you come out feeling like you’ve got wings.

Meditation 101 Tips

Reinvigorated and free.

Meditation is FREEDOM.

Freedom from the burden of your emotions, and freedom from the constant fight going on in your mind as you and your negative thoughts go head to head in a battle for who’s going to come out on top.

Meditation is everything.

So get started already. Get on that seat.

To make it easier for you, here’s a cheat sheet to meditation.

Meditation 101 Tips

1. Set your intention before you go into your practice. Sacred Self is always supporting you and ready to take you where you need to go. Stating your intention is like setting an inner GPS system. Once you set it, your body will take you there.

You can do this morning, and/or right before you sit to meditate. “Today I’m going to relax. Today I’m going to take time out to let go.”

Once you do this you’ll begin to notice just how supportive life is of your desire to meditate, and how easy it is to relax once you’ve set yourself up for it.

2. Make it fun.  Boredom to beginning meditators is real. It’s a roadblock to inner peace and spiritual awakening, but completely overcomeable by making your practice fun. Amplify meditation by personalizing it. Get incense and pillows. Pretty shit, you know? Stuff that when you look at, you feel peaceful and spiritual, and connected to something bigger.

Meditation 101 Tips

Make a meditation altar using Buddha statues or pretty art. Make your space yours.

3. Make it comfy. Get a zafu or a meditation seat. These make your practice so much more
Meditation 101 Tips
sustainable-as your legs don’t go numb, and back pain can be non-existent. These tools work. Use them to enhance your practice. You can even simply grab a pillow and stick it under your butt, and one behind your back. Definitely not as cute, but it works.

4. Be repetitive. Try to practice at the same time each day. This way you’re training yourself to be doing this one life-changing--up-leveling, thing every day at that time. When you miss a day you feel off once you’ve created that habit. This seems simple, but don’t get it twisted. This is a meditation hack. Creating routine anchors you into this new way of living.

5. Meditate after your workout. Or stretch beforehand. Sitting to meditate is easier when you’re already feeling relaxed. Getting that stagnant energy out through cardio, yoga or simple stretching can boost the quality of your practice 100 fold. You won’t sit for 10 minutes trying to let go of that energy. Instead, you’ll be relaxed and settle into your focus.

6. Use a guided meditation. Using a guided meditation was the best thing I did for myself as a beginning meditator. It helped me to relax by following along with the guide. From there I moved on to different meditation methods, but using a guided version helped me set an immeasurable foundation to training my body to loosen up and let go.

The one I started with is long gone, but I’ve since found one which I feel is the absolute best-guided meditation program for beginners (I recommend this to all my clients). Meditation Mastery Secrets by Jason Stephenson. The program comes with six different meditations so you can choose one that works for you, and the price is insanely low. You can check out the program video here or a review of what comes in the program here.

That’s it gorgeous! Your cheat sheet to meditation. Let me know what sticks out the most in the comments, and if this helped, please share this with the people in your life to help them meditate better!

meditation 101 tips

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