How To Have A Spiritual Awakening

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how to have a spiritual awakening

“You learn who you are by unlearning who they taught you to be.” Nikki Rowe

This is so exciting. Seriously. I can not contain myself. You are here to learn about spiritual awakening.


You don’t know this, but this is going to be the ride of your life.


My spiritual awakening came in October of 2007. I was meditating at night as I often did, and all of a sudden out of the blue a rush of energy starting at the bottom of my spine made its way up and out of the top of my head. It was amazing (and scary of course)! I later found out that what I had experienced was actually Kundalini awakening. It changed my entire life. Completely.

how to have a spiritual awakening

Dr. Bruce Davis from the Huffington Post describes having a spiritual awakening as finding “love and more love…..Spiritual awakening is discovering a world which at its very essence is kindness and compassion” (article). He goes on to explain that “during a spiritual awakening, many realize they are the center of the universe and the universe is centered in them” (article).

In my own experience I would describe it the very same way.

Life  after a spiritual awakening was like experiencing the first rays of sunshine after a year of rain and gloomy days.

Everything became illuminated and I was no longer in the dark.

All of a sudden, in a flash, I knew the purpose to living, and even more importantly, that I (as well as everyone else) was eternal.

I had the realization  that God was not some sort of outside entity. No, I then knew that God lives within me.

This knowing changed my entire life.

Which brings me to my state of excitement at the fact that you’re here.

You’re going to change your life too.

Spiritual awakening is coming into the fullest realization of who you are.

And it’s not just waking up (or having the light turn on like I mentioned earlier), it’s leveling up.

It is allowing the highest version of who you are to take the forefront of your life--your spirit. Spirit is the essence of consciousness, the energy of the universe that creates all things. Each one of us is a part of that spirit - a divine entity. So the spirit is the higher Self, the eternal being that lives within us. ~ Shakti Gawain

After a spiritual awakening, your Sacred Self leads the way.

This allowance, brings you to a whole new way of living.  

When you spiritually awaken, you discover who you are, in the purist sense of your being—your spirit.

how to have a spiritual awakening

With spiritual awakening comes a profound sense of knowledge, of knowing who you are on all levels.  

The ultimate experience of self-empowerment.

When you awaken, you live your life from a different vantage point. One where life is perfect, including yourself, and everyone around you.

Can you imagine that? Not having any hang-ups in life? Seeing the world as perfect? Beautiful?

Without judgment?

There is freedom in this. Freedom of pain. .Freedom of suffering. 

It’s real. And you’re on your way!
Spiritual awakening is absolutely hands down one of the most enriching and leveling up experiences you will ever have.

And the best part is, it just gets better and better.

how to have a spiritual awakening

Before we move on to learning how to get a spiritual awakening, let’s talk a little bit more about the type of benefits experiencing a spiritual awakening will give you.

Benefits of Spiritual Awakening

The benefits of spiritual awakening for me are many. Since my awakening my life has been a  continuous process of growth, love and joy.

1. When you awaken, your Sacred Self/spirit, begins to take the reins in your life, rather than your thoughts and the feelings created by your emotions.  

2. You stop taking your emotions and your thoughts so seriously because you realize that they are not real. The only purpose they have is to communicate how you’re feeling. Nothing more.

(Yes, you’ll still get emotions. Emotions are your body’s way of processing. So they are necessary. But… you learn to let them pass.)

3. Because of this, you will heal.

Eckhart Tolle describes spiritual awakening as “awakening from the dream of thought” (link).

4. Waking up changes your life because it allows  you to make choices based on what is real--peace, and love, instead of fear created out of your thoughts.

5. One of the biggest benefits of spiritual awakening is you will no longer question who you are, where you come from, or where you’re going.

6. You’re going to  know that  you are the beginning and the end. You are timeless. You are forever.

You will know that you are source. You are spirit.
7. Knowing that you are eternal creates a knowing that there is nowhere to be, but in this moment, because in this moment, and every other, you are safe.  You are loved.

You are enough.

And so is everyone else.

This knowing makes it so stuff doesn’t bother you so much anymore.

For example, pre-awakening, I would take things super personally. If someone posted negative things on my blog, I would get into a whole negative frame of mind over it. I would begin to question myself--”Are they right?”

After awakening--I’m like, fuck em!

I’m joking.

After awakening-- I know they don’t understand me for whatever reason, or they simply don’t agree, and that’s ok.

I let it be the way it is. There is an internal understanding that they are perfect and even their negative opinions are too.

I don’t fight to force people to understand me anymore. Now, I just let things be.

(Unless of course it’s my kids. There’s this thing about raising kids. You have to teach them that bathing is a necessity (and  other life skills). We haven’t quite come to the agreement that taking the time to bathe is more important than watching Dr. Squish. So repeated insistence is necessary.)

Even the way you love people changes.

8. You will love like you’ve never loved before. Without abandon. Without fear.  

You will have an unparalleled understanding. To the point where, you will see no wrong.  

You’ll stop judging people and situations, because you understand that everything is perfect, just as it should be.
Living in the now will be your reality, where you’re not stuck in the past, or fixated on the future.  

9. What this means is, you’ll flow with life to the point where you don’t care about your past.

Which can be a detriment in marriage at times. My husband always seems to remember how things went down, where me? I’m just like, “That was sooooo yesterday. Out of sight out of mind.”

I don’t remember things because those things never mattered to me in the first place.

10. The future isn’t a concern either. It’s always about right now.

My husband’s always planning. And me? I can’t plan for shit. My creation process is quite different.

Long story short, when you awaken, your Sacred Self takes  a bigger spot at the table--not your ego.

Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you.~ Wayne Dyer

These ideas of who you are separate you from your Sacred Self.

11. When you awaken, this mirage of division is no longer there. You peel back the curtain, and all that’s left is the divine.

Ramana Maharshi, one of the greatest teachers of awakening calls self-realization (aka awakening) “the greatest service you can render the world (link).
Why? Because no  more are you divided between your thoughts and your emotions. You will become rooted in who you are—peace.   

That’s a lot of benefits right? And the benefits to spiritual awakening go on and on.

Now, let’s learn about the stages to awakening.

The Three Stages To Awakening

There are three stages to awakening. The seeking stage, the allowing stage, and awakening, itself.  

Pre-awakening is a moment in your life where you’re not really searching for anything. You’re happy with where you’re at--spiritually.

This would be someone that’s perhaps been raised Catholic (raising hand) and very settled and content in it.

The Seeking Stage

The seeking stage is the first stage of spiritual awakening. It is just as it sounds, one filled with searching.

Searching for the truth.

This  stage is a beautiful stage. It is magnificent.

It is just as magnificent as the actual stage of enlightenment itself.  

You are most likely in this stage. You’re learning and searching for even more truths to connect you to who you are.

There is an internal knowing that there is more, and this knowing is pushing you into finding it.

Dr Diana Raab from Psychology Today describes a seeker as “those who follow the path of self-discovery” (article).

You’ll know if you’re in this stage because your life is dedicated to learning. You pretty much live in the Self-Help section of the bookstore, or library. Everything is being gobbled up and taken in.

You’re fascinated by the divine and all things spiritual.

You want to find out as  much information as you possibly can about who you truly are, because you know inside of yourself, there is more.  

You are on a constant search for the truth.  

This stage for me was all about learning about everything spiritual. Spiritual customs and traditions. 

I wasn’t satisfied with simply being what I was raised as. I knew there was more.

This stage is marked with mysticism and magic. It is a stage of unlimited amounts of fun and exploration. You should feel good about being in this stage. This stage is where you begin to see that truly anything is possible.  

What’s happening at the deepest level is, your Sacred Self is giving you a nudge. And the miraculous thing about it? You’re listening. You are listening. You’re taking the cues. You’re moving forward.  
You are on the path to enlightenment. You are on the path to Spiritual Awakening.
The Allowing Stage
The second stage of enlightenment, is just as beautiful as the first.  It is just as miraculous. It is just as fun.

In this stage, everything you learned in the seeking stage is being applied, as well as what you are learning in this one.  

The major theme in this stage is not about learning but rather, practice. It is putting  everything you’ve learned into practice including the most important lesson of them all, the lesson on-- letting go.  

In order to spiritually awaken, and experience everything that you are, you must let go of everything that you are not—negative thoughts, and painful emotions.  

Your thoughts and your emotions are the culprit to the perceived division between you and your Sacred Self.

The famous mystical poet Rumi states it accurately--“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” (link).

Your  thoughts and your emotions are not created from your Sacred Self, but rather, the physical. (We’ll talk more about that later.)

Your Sacred Self is pure--pure love, pure peace, pure oneness.

In order to awaken to that realm of your life, you must practice being that.
how to have a spiritual awakening

The ‘Allowing’ stage is full of that  practice. Full of work.

It’s consistently working on letting go and as you let go  of everything that is not you, you begin to allow everything that is you to emerge.

You allow peace and you allow love. You allow stillness.  

It is the practice of  living your life, with the allowance of who you are to shine.

It is practicing divinity.

Because like I said,  it is only in practicing divinity, that you allow it in.  

Here you are being the experience that you are after. You are being presence. You are being stillness.   

In this stage, you are embracing the goodness of you, and allowing it in at every moment possible.

You believe in who you are, and who you are becoming. And in this practice, you are allowing your Sacred Self to shine.  

That’s transformation honey. Serious transformation.

In this stage of awakening, you will find yourself going through tremendous amounts of growth.

Because like I said, you’re not only applying everything that you have learned in the first stage, but you’re going even deeper in your education.

Your practice is allowing you to  learn more about your Sacred Self with hands on experience (not just book knowledge), and as you learn more about your Self, and apply what you’ve learned, you become a witness of your thoughts and your emotions. 

You begin to observe them, rather than connect to them as if they are piece of who you are.

Self-help author Dr. Wayne Dyer describes Self in his book, Your Sacred Self: Making the Decision to Be Free, as a “universe within you, a unified field of all possibilities that you can reach as you become the compassionate witness.” (link).

There’s a lot going on in this stage.

True joy, true peace and true love, are experienced here.  

And let me tell you, this is when you begin to truly live.

This is when you discover true self-empowerment.

Allowing your authentic Sacred Self to shine brings massive amounts peace, love and joy into your life that you’ve never felt before.  

Yes, this stage is magnificent.

The final stage of spiritual awakening, or enlightenment is profound connection to the divine.  
In this stage you have practiced allowing your sacred Self into your life, so much, that its’ presence is undeniable.

Your divinity is loud and clear.

Your knowing is loud and clear.

So those moments where you feel unsure in your life? Worried about tomorrow,  not knowing what’s going to happen? They no longer exist. You have a new profound faith in life. And your ability to create what you desire.

You begin to live a life, of transcendence.

The experience of being connected to the greater source, or God, is unquestionable.

No longer do you question who you are, but you know.

You know.

This knowing paves the way for new creation.  

A future filled with adventure, and experience. Freedom. Happiness and Joy.

“I experienced, by the grace of God, a spiritual awakening which was to lead me to a richer, fuller, more productive life.” John Coltrane

Your spiritual awakening moves you on to the path of mastery.

You have come to the full realization of who you are, and you sit in a well of peace.

True, miraculous, wonderful peace.  

Peace so profound, that it envelopes you completely. From the inside out.  

This experience is the reward for all of the hard work you did in the second stage, in the allowing stage.  

Because you have allowed who you are to shine, who you are wraps you up within itself.  

And as a result, life gets simpler. Easier.

Now after you spiritually awaken, is that it? Is that the end of life? Is that the end of growth?
No. Not at all.
“Enlightenment will be now the beginning, not the end. Beginning of a non-ending process in all dimensions of richness. ” ~ Osho

This final stage, is just a jump off to a new level of being. A new level of being within yourself, within your family, with your friends, and with the world.

There is so much more to learn, to experience, to grow. Enlightenment goes on and on. It just gets better and better.  

It is amazing, and you’re on your way!  

How To Get A Spiritual Awakening

Finally! You’ve made it through all the extra information, it’s time to learn the actual process of how to get a spiritual awakening.

Ok, so like I mentioned earlier, enlightenment is the realization that you are eternal. You are free.  

It is a recognition, complete recognition that you are pure love, pure joy and pure peace.

When you spiritually awaken you discover that you are endless, and safe--always.

It is  the moment where you go from connecting with the body, and the mind, to connecting with spirit.  

Let me get something straight--I use the word connecting to make it clear.

It’s not really connecting. It’s more allowing. So while using the word allowing, enlightenment comes when you allow your Sacred Self to play a major role in your life.

Because--your Sacred Self is you. And you are it.

You’ve just kind of put barriers up that don’t allow you to see it.

The Background

Enlightenment comes with a tipping point. When your focus is more on Sacred Self and allowing it in,  than it is on your thoughts and your feelings, you will awaken.

You can look at the path to enlightenment, as a map.

how to have a spiritual awakening

To the extreme north is enlightenment, or self-realization-- to the south is the opposite, not knowing who you are.

The south is the barrier to the north.

Right now, you probably vacillate between the north and the south.  

Some days, you are really connected to your physical body and thoughts.  

Negative emotions and worries, negative thought cycles--they play a lasting role in your life.

When you’re here, you’re in the south. The south is marked full of pain and suffering.

Other days, you’re hanging out in the north, really allowing your Sacred Self to shine. You’re feeling happiness and joy. Peace.

Those are those moments where you feel complete. Even if just for a few minutes.

These moments put you back in the north area of the map.

Spiritual awakening is to the farthest part of the north. The second you step into that area, you become enlightened.  

Alternatively, every time you focus on pain,  or your suffering, you move towards the south.  
So the answer to the question, how to get a spiritual awakening lies in this answer:

Spiritual awakening is attained by focusing on all of that which Sacred Self is. The more you focus on peace, joy and love, the farther north you go, until finally you have allowed yourself to be your Self so often that it takes you over completely.

Moving North 

  • Feeling happy 
  • Feeling peaceful 
  • Feeling hopeful 
  • Feeling serene 
  • Feeling appreciative 
  • Feeling love/d 
  • Feeling inspired 
  • Feeling blessed 
  • Feeling neutral
  • Feeling safe
Moving South 

  • Focusing on  anger 
  • Focusing on agitation
  • Focusing on the feeling of being annoyed 
  • Focusing on hate 
  • Focusing on anxiety
  • Focusing on feelings of being ashamed 
  • Focusing on feeling trapped 
  • Focusing on feeling afraid 
  • Focusing on feeling resentful 
  • Focusing on feeling suspicious 
  • Focusing on feeling judged

Feeling good is the indicator that you’re allowing your Sacred Self in. Feeling bad is the indicator that you’re blocking it off.  

So the real question in all of this, is how can you consistently feel good, so that you allow enlightenment in?  

Allowing Enlightenment In  
It all comes down to one magic word.

If you can focus on this one word, at all times, you will awaken.  

You ready for it?  

Ok. That word is…..


If you can relax, consistently, over and over and over again, you will allow your Sacred Self to play a major role in your life.

Awakening is then inevitable.  

Crazy right? Who would’ve guessed the key to enlightenment was spending some time at the spa getting a massage?  

Or hanging at the beach?

Or doing whatever else you can do to fully relax--on a consistent basis?

But it’s true.

When you relax, you let go of whatever is bothering you.  

Everything that keeps those barriers up to recognizing and allowing your Sacred Self to shine, (negative thoughts and/or feelings) have no choice but to melt away if you don’t pay them any attention to them.

It is a fact. You simply cannot suffer and relax at the same time.  

Try it the next time you’re getting your eyebrows waxed (or whatever else you may be beautifying). Before you go in, focus on relaxing, and then relax throughout. You’ll see you can’t do both.
(Believe me, it’s the only way I get through my sessions at the salon.)

Now you’re probably wondering, well--hell. Why aren’t all constant tokers, smokers, drinkers and whateverers enlightened then? The world should be swimming in enlightened people if that's the case.

Well…. Here’s the deal with that. The normal you always comes back. That’s probably the reason they take it from recreational to life long and habitual.

Because they’re suffering.

No, relaxing to enlightenment has to be a consistent, constant in your life in order to allow the Self in completely, AKA get to the north. Because once you’re off of whatever is helping you to get there is done?

You’re back at your normally scheduled program.


Relaxing is not that simple. Especially if you've been doing the opposite for most of your life.

But it can be done, and it’s done by forming the new habit.

If  you can get into the habit of relaxing, you will find that practicing relaxation through the emotional chaos or negative thinking patterns is possible, and it gets easier and easier as you practice.

Eventually, you’ll  find that you can overcome any feeling through relaxation.

how to have a spiritual awakening

Not to mention, if you can recondition yourself to relax at the first sign of emotional surges, and negative thinking patterns, you’ll make it so these negative experiences happen less and less.

Rather than focusing on what’s hurting you, you’ll focus on peace. This paves the way for a blissful life. Not only is enlightenment then in your reach, but you experience heaven within each moment.  

True ecstasy becomes a part of who you are, before you become enlightened.  

Crazy right?

In time and practice you will see the proof and become the person you are in the fullest capacity.

You’ll experience this first hand,  I promise.

Now, as I told you in the beginning of this article, I became spiritually awakened through meditation.

The act of meditation is the act of relaxing.

I want to share a meditation that I absolutely adore by a partner of mine Jason Stephenson, Meditation Mastery Secrets. It is amazing for both beginning meditators and advanced alike. There are six different meditations included in the program which teach you to relax. You can check out an in depth review I did here.

Meditation Mastery Secrets is a course on becoming the absolute best meditator from the very beginning! There’s no time wasted on trying to figure out how to do things. Everything you need to know is in this course. You can read my review here or go straight to the course here.

how to have a spiritual awakening

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