Want to Improve Your Spirituality? Try This.

Spirituality for me (as it most probably has been for you) has been an ongoing process. I started off deeply involved with my church--which morphed into Self Realization (thank you meditation) and then becoming awakened through Kundalini Awakening.

Which brings me to where Im at now--consistently incorporating energy work into my life and learning about energy as much as I can.

Over the years I've moved through several different shifts of consciousness, but there's one thing that I recommend to anyone trying to truly step into their spirituality. Read more below.

Become more spiritual    

How To Become More Spiritual

Becoming more spiritual has to do with one thing: 

Settling into the spiritual side of you--your spiritual Self. 

What does that mean? 

That means letting the God in you show up more. 

Your spiritual self needs to take precedence over your ego--or thought based self. 

Balance needs to occur. 

So what is your spiritual Self anyway? 

Your spiritual Self is the energetic part of you. The non-physical. 

It is the part of you that comes straight from source. 

Many call it the spirit or soul. Others call it their sacred Self. 

Regardless of what you call it, it is the life force of who you are.  (You can learn more about it here.) 

In order to step into your spirituality, you need to embrace this part of who you are more than you embrace your ego.

Ego: Our self-image, not our true self. It is characterized by labels, masks, images, and judgments. 

Spiritual Self: The divinity within us. Source, God, peace and true power. Oneness.

Putting it simply--your ego is everything that leads you to pain. It is your ideas or judgments of yourself and the world.

God is in you. And God doesn't label or judge. Ever. Your source is consistently peaceful and whole.

Your ego on the other hand, always has criticism or opinions. It is consistently creating separation from your source due to it's nature. To divide you from your Self.

To feel spirit you have to allow it to take more of a role in your life.

You need to recognize your true nature more.

Love more.

Forgive more.

Choose peace more.

The more you do this, the more you allow your spirit into your life.

Becoming more spiritual = Choosing to be more like spirit. 

Spirit is pure peace.

Tap into peace and you tap into spirit.

Tap into spirit and you begin to become more spiritual.

Now like I said earlier, I've really been diving into energy work for the last few years. I've learned that energy work is an amazing tool to use to tap into Sacred Self, because Sacred Self is energy. 

There's a technique that I practice regularly in order to connect more to my spiritual energy. Practice this daily and you'll begin to notice shifts in how spiritual you feel and become.

A Energy Technique To Becoming More Spiritual 

This energy technique is all about balancing your chakras.

I'm not going to get into describing chakras as I've already done it here. But basically it is the center points of your sacred Self.

Kind of like the bones to your body--but its all energetic.

Allowing your chakras to balance will ground you. It will anchor you in spirit making it easy to embrace that side of you more.

How do I know?

Its a practice I do regularly and never fails to put me in a place where I feel deeply divine and spiritual. It truly allows source to take front and center in my life, and I know it will do the same for you!

The Process 

Ok. So the process is pretty simple.

1. Sit comfortably on a chair or bed.

2. Set up a timer for 7 minutes (quick right?!)

3. Use the picture above and focus on each of the seven chakras shown starting from the bottom and moving up to the top for one minute each. (Focus right above your head for the crown chakra.) Imagine that you're breathing into them or simply put your attention in that area. Both are equally effective.

Be easy with this. Go to the general area shown and simply focus. As long as you're in the general area you're doing good.

That's it! Super simple and super effective. 

For more energy techniques like this one check out Chakra Activation System by one of my partners Stephanie Mulac.

This program has everything that you need to balance your chakras easily and effectively and includes: 

The 7 Yoga Positions That Heal And Tune Your Chakras

The Rainbow Meditation Audio Program

The Chakra Money Meditation

This system is easy to follow and will change your life! 

You'll also get an ebook full of educational material about your chakras and how to keep them balanced!

This ebook is filled with education all about each one of your chakras so that you can learn the best ways to balance them which is ultimately what keeps you anchored and settled into source, allowing you to become more spiritual.

Super great program! Check it out Chakra Activation System.

I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments.

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