The Best Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is in my opinion the absolute best way to begin a meditation practice. Starting off your meditation journey cold turkey, without someone helping you to relax is the quickest way to failure in your meditation practice. Why? It just doesn't work. You get bored, you don't think you're doing it right, and most of all, you don't know what feelings you should be going for. But if you get into your practice through a guided meditation, you allow space to open up for actual daily practice. And you'll be more likely to stick to it! (Which is the only way you'll be successful with your meditation practice.) 

My Personal Experience With Guided Meditation

I started meditating about 13 years ago to a guided meditation that put me in a space of stillness and peace. 

I can still remember buying that meditation. I'd been out to garage sales with a friend of mine. We had so much fun that day. She has a joy about her that never fails to lighten my spirits. Well, anyway, I'd brought this used meditation tape (yes tape!) that promised connection to the spiritual self. As someone who grew up with a Christian background, this appealed to me. I wanted to experience spirit. 

It took a few months of daily practice, but I eventually got there. I'd experienced my spiritual self when I least expected it. It just showed up--this feeling of complete peace and stillness. 

It changed my life, and I wouldn't have gotten there unless I was guided to.

I've been teaching meditation ever since, and I will always remember the effects that meditation brought to my life. 

The Best Guided Meditation

Since then, I've listened to hundreds of guided meditations throughout my life, but there's no better guided meditation than Meditation Mastery Secrets by Jason Stephenson. His program includes everything I could ever want to give to a new meditation student (and more honestly). At a price that's insanely inexpensive too! 

The Teacher

Jon Stephenson is a best selling author (Co-Authored Jack Canfield's "Success Mastery" book in 2017) and his YouTube Meditation Sleep Music Channel has grown to over 870,000 subscribers and his videos have had over two hundred million views! Not only is he successful but he has a huge heart and truly cares about people. His loving vibe is all over his program and everything else he teaches. 

This meditation teacher is legit. He has over 150 meditations which he teaches to children, teens and adults all over the world.

The Course

First of all, this isn't just a meditation. Its actually a program. A well-rounded program that will take anyone from beginner to advanced practitioner if they're willing to practice. Jason more than outdid himself with all of the elements he included within this course. 

This program consists of several components: an meditation mastery ebook (and audio book in case you prefer to listen), six focused guided meditations, three sleep easy music tracks (which includes an chakra activation) as well as a set of mindset transformation and success mastery workbooks. 

The Meditations

As I said earlier, there are six meditations included within the program. 

Banish Stress, Love Boosting, Career Boost, Health Boost, Inner Peace and Spirituality meditations.

Each one of the meditations are absolutely beautiful. They utilize either angelic music or nature sounds combined with calming music. Jason's soothing voice with the background sounds/music relaxed me automatically without having to really work at it. 

Each meditation focuses on two things: 

1. Bringing you to the present moment and

2. Shifting you into the state that you're working on with each respective meditation. 

These meditations are a lot of fun, as each one guides you into a story where Jason supports you to being consciously involved in the topic. 

For example with the career meditation--he helps you shift into a confident and successful mindset as you meditate. Supporting you in visualizing the life you want to create as you sit and meditate. 

Or with his health meditation--he guides you towards a sanctuary where you go to heal. He combines imagination and affirmation to connect you to your inner healing capabilities. 

Through each one of his meditations, he brings about feelings as you listen. 

You truly connect to what you're focused on. 

If you know anything about the law of attraction, or creation--you understand the importance of feeling what it is you want to create in the world. 

Really good stuff!

Meditation Mastery 

This book is a self-help handbook to becoming a better you. 

You're going to find everything from learning to visualize, the law of attraction, meditation tips, secrets to gratitude, belief and affirmations within this book.

He's pretty much combined all of the best instruction to creating the life you want as you'd learn it in the spiritual self-help section of the book store. 

This book helps you take your spiritual practice off of the mat and into action with daily tips and practices outside of meditation. Super great read

The Chakra Activation 

This alone is worth the price of the course. As I listened to it I could feel my energy shift while the chants and music were playing. There was a light and peaceful buzz that I felt while listening (I'm super sensitive to my energy) and it continued well after listening. I could feel my energy flowing through my chakras. 

Anyone that wants to work on their health, spirituality or well-being period should work on their chakras. The best part? Its free with his program

 Success Mastery & Mindset Transformation Books

These ebooks are the type of quality you would find if you paid separately for each one. They're not at all what you would imagine you'd get as a bonus product. 

Mindset Transformation is all about the brain, the right foods to eat to nourish your mind, shifting into a new you, using CBT and mindfulness as well as other chapters focused on transforming you into the best version of yourself. It even includes a simple to follow workout to maintain optimal health. I learned a ton reading it--and I'm confident you will too! 

Success Mastery was co-authored by the famous Chicken Soup for the Soul co-athor Jack Canfield. This book is a collection of 20 chapters by successful people in all areas of life--sharing their tips and best advice to being successful in life today. Some of the chapters include Mastering the Art of Self, Soul of Sales, and Harnessing the Power of Your Gut. Really great stuff here especially if you are in business or see yourself becoming an entrepreneur in the future. 

Music Tracks

The other two music tracks included were both beautiful and calming. They took me to a place in my mind where life felt loving, and free. 

So good to listen to at the end of a rough day, or even when you want to get into a calmer mind state. I found myself playing the tracks a lot in the background as I did a lot of my writing. They are just so soothing. 

Ok, there you have it! The absolute BEST guided meditation out there. Check it out here

If you have any questions let me know in the comments!

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