The Major Reason Beginning Meditators Quit

I am the biggest cheerleader for meditation there is. Seriously.

Meditation is my life.

If I don't talk about tuning into Spiritual Self once a day, you know there's something wrong with me. 

Its hard not to become an advocate since it healed my generalized anxiety disorder (I had since about the age of nine) and helped me to overcome bulimia. Not to mention meditation is what brought me to Kundalini awakening and lifted me to a completely new phase in my life. One full of transformation and excitement. 

So yeah, meditation is everything. 

Nowadays, I teach meditation to people through my spiritual life coaching practice, along with a few side hustles (insert big name emotional wellness companies here). My life revolves around helping people relax and settle into Self. 

(Did I mention meditation is my life?)

Through out my day I come across a lot of excuses for people wanting to quit. (Thankfully, they're working with me, so I don't let them 😉 )  Meditation isn't exactly the most joyful thing to do in the beginning. We're often head-to-head with a lot of latent emotions and thoughts when we sit, not to mention it can get boring. 

Getting to the point where one experiences sacred Self can take a little bit. 

But once that's done? Fuggetaboutit. They're hooked. 

(That's really my only role, is to make sure people get there.)

So anyway, yeah. There are a lot of reasons people want to quit in the beginning. But the biggest reason I hear?

"I can't seem to clear my mind." 

Quitting because they can't clear their mind is the biggest mistake beginning meditators make. 

The idea that one is supposed to clear their mind when they sit is insane. You're bound to fail with that belief. 


You're never going to clear your mind. Your mind is always working. 

What you're supposed to do when you sit and meditate is relax. 

That's it. Nothing fancy. Plain and simple, sit and relax for 5-25 minutes. 

That's meditation. 

So if you're a beginning meditator and you have the idea that meditation is about clearing the mind---get that idea out of your head. 

Right now. 

Your mind will stop thinking in it's own time. In other words, thats not your business.

Your business is to sit and relax. Sit and relax. 

Relax. Relax. Relax. 

That's it! 

I hope this helps.

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