The 7 Chakras

What are the chakras? The 7 chakras are your spiritual energy centers. They are your hub and your direct connection to your divinity.

What are the chakras    

Your body is your temple and your chakras are the pillars keeping it standing strong. The stronger they are, the stronger you are. 

You can also look at them as energy conduits. They keep your temple lit. 

The more energy they have, the brighter they are--and the brighter you are.

I realized I had chakras the day I experienced Kundalini Awakening. 

Stages of Meditation


Knowing the stages of meditation as a beginner can give you something to look forward to, and put your mind at ease when wondering if you’re doing things right or not. 

If you’re just beginning meditation you don’t really understand what the feeling is that people actually experience when they’re deeper in their practice. 

You see these pictures of people looking so serene, and all you can think is, “When will I feel like that?” 

Or, “Why don’t I have that feeling when I meditate?” 

Some other thoughts that probably go through your mind as you meditate are, “Is this meditation? Am I doing this right?” Is this what it’s supposed to feel like?” 

What Is Anxiety?


I spent some time researching the net for the exact definition of anxiety, and to be honest with you, I wasn’t really satisfied in what I found.
There’s an elusive kind of definition that’s predominate within articles--feelings of uneasiness. And while the feeling of uneasiness is accurate, the cause of anxiety isn’t accurately addressed.
When you ask me, “What is anxiety?” I can give you a complete definition--down to the root cause.   
Because there is a root cause.

How To Relax

Hundreds of thousands of strands of gorgeous locks of hair are being lost from beautiful heads of hair right now.

People are literally balding all over the place (article).

All in the name of stress.

I’m serious.

Other people are gaining wrinkles and gray hairs because of the same thing (article).

Man, stress will fuck you up.

What Is The Spiritual Self?

The first time I knew I had a spirit self was after doing a guided meditation for a few months. Day after day I would sit and meditate. Focusing on relaxing my body and my mind. And I knew-100% that with practice I would eventually sense it and feel it as much as I did my physical body. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday. The first time feeling my spiritual self felt like a gush of wind. 

It was strong and it felt like I was surrounded in peace.

What Is The Spiritual Self? 

The spiritual self is one of four parts of you which connect to form the totality of you. 

It is ethereal and is intangible. It can only be sensed and felt. Not seen with the human eye. 

Your spiritual self, is just as it sounds, your spirit. 

Its the part of you that lives on after your physical body dies.

What Are The Akashic Records? (And How To Read Them)

Reading my own Akashic records and those of many others, has taught me that there is nothing more valuable in the self-help realm, then these. Read on to learn why.


According to Wikipedia, “Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future.” What does that mean?

Basically, everything that ever was, is or will be- is within these records.

Now, I’m not going to get into a deep talk about the schematics involved, as it’s just not necessary in understanding what they are and how they help.

Just know this--everything that you need to work on in order to become unstuck or move forward within your life, is held within these records.

What Is Energy Healing?

I was guided to healing myself and others using energy shortly after my experience with Kundalini Awakening. Having all of my chakras opened showed me just how beneficial energy healing is to the connection we feel to our spiritual selves. Learn more about energy healing below.

what is Energy healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is the most direct type of healing. It’s healing at your core. 

Your core meaning, your spirit or energetic self. 

16 Signs of A Spiritual Awakening: Things You Love & Things You Hate

It was Halloween's eve when I experienced my spiritual awakening. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was recently home from a year travelling abroad in India and was staying in my aunt's spare room.  

I was meditating like I often did in the evening. One minute I was breathing calmly--the next minute massive amounts of energy were spiraling through my chakras. 

At the time I had no clue, but I was actually going through a Kundalini Awakening. The energy flowed as a snake would from the bottom of the spine on up and through my crown. It was beautiful and life changing.

My awakening was a pretty big surprise to me, but if I was paying attention I could've seen the signs to of the spiritual awakening that was ready to come. 

Why Do People Meditate?

Why do people meditate? 

I can understand why you're wondering why people meditate. To put it simply--it's all  the hype right now. Lizzo took to Instagram with a meditation during the global crisis recently and Big Sean constantly talks about his experience on his albums. Meditation is  
In my own personal experience as an mental health coach, I've learned people meditate because someone's told them to for emotI think has to do with the fact that other people tell them they will find peace. 

I know for me it was about 

"Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It's like the ultimate rest. It's better than the best sleep you've ever had. It's a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh." -Hugh Jackman

Meditation has many benefits. Way too many to count.

It’s honestly the absolute best thing anyone can do for themselves, in order to become self-empowered, and to become a better person in general.

Best Time To Meditate

Best Time of Day to Meditate

Figuring out your best time to meditate is one of the most important things you can do when creating a successful meditation practice.


I see you! You’re beginning your meditation journey and you want to learn how to meditate in the best way possible. But you’re kind of stuck because there are so many different options on so many different things, including the time of day to meditate.

Let me just tell you, you’re killing it already!! The fact that you’re out here searching for these tidbits are going to make you better--and push you towards success! I’m excited for you.